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Cell:  (714) 345-4613

Office hours are 9:00 - 5:00, Monday through Friday.  Also feel free to contact us by cellphone after normal business hours.  

Licensing and Available Insurance Policies

We've been licensed for 42 years.

California License Number 0566805
Arizona License Number 2706227
Nevada License Number 3260234

  • We work with multiple carriers and offer insurance policies for auto, homeowners', boat, commercial property, workers' compensation, mobile homes, and also seasonal and rental properties.
  • We offer the more specialized SR22 auto insurance for your added convenience.
  • Multiple policy discounts are available.

We Hope You'll Enjoy a Few of Our Delighted Clients' Testimonials

"Mr. Lord 'Daryl' handles ALL insurance needs with extreme care.  The 'BEST' in the Business".  Special THANKS. I relocated from California to Nevada.  Nothing is close to Daryl's professional business handling in Nevada.  Thanks."

Mark K., Pahrump NV.


“Anyone looking to save money and get an agent who cares about you as a person instead of just someone who is a policyholder cannot do any better than Daryl Lord.

"I was insured by The Hartford for over 15 years and never put in a claim, never had an accident, never had a ticket. I also had our homeowner's coverage with them without ever having any claims.

"When I got our latest policy renewal I called them to see why it was so expensive. Their comment to me was we were paying for the reckless drivers and that is why it was over $200 a month just for auto insurance.

"I was referred to Daryl by a friend so I called him. We met up a couple of days later and after checking all of my coverage Daryl's cost was over $1,000 less for the auto coverage with the same coverage. At that point, I asked him to check my homeowner's coverage and he came back with a quote of $800 less for the same amount of coverage. 

"Needless to say we left The Hartford and now our agent/friend is Daryl Lord for all of our insurance needs."

Murray G., Henderson, NV


"I grew up with my parents being in the real estate and insurance businesses and I am familiar with the insurance profession.   I strongly support and highly recommend Daryl Lord for all of your property insurance needs.  He is honest and he cares!!!  Daryl is highly intelligent, very knowledgeable and such a professional in the insurance field.  Most important--he puts his client's needs and concerns first.  Daryl has been my insurance broker for many years now.  I have been more than pleased with his service!  He is always happy, kind, knowledgeable and informative.  I have referred family, friends, and clients to him and received reports of satisfaction and appreciation."

Loretta S.,  Big Bear City, CA


"Daryl, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help!!!  I would have never gotten insurance if it were not for you!!  My own insurance company that I've had for over 40 years could not even help me.  Your KNOWLEDGE of what you do is amazing!  Your dDropping everything for me and getting the job done was so very APPRECIATED!!!"

Patricia W., Santee, CA


"Daryl has been a great resource for our insurance needs since 2011.  We have both auto and home through him and have absolutely no complaints.  We have moved a couple of times and have had a couple of refinances, and the insurance side of those transactions always went smoothly.  Daryl is highly recommended!"

Rick S., Prescott, AZ


Daryl Lord has been my insurance agent for 40 years.  Through the years, I have found him to be kind, courteous, and very knowledgeable about the insurance industry.  When it comes to customer service, Daryl is Mr. Customer Service.  Not only did he provide me with policies that were more than satisfactory but fell within my budget.  When my four children began driving, Daryl provided them with their first car insurance policies.  Birthday cards came every year for all of us.  For the children, he always slipped a MacDonald's gift certificate into each of their cards.  There were always lots of smiles when the children saw those coupons.

What will forever remain in my heart is when I looked up to see Daryl and his wife Kim coming through the church door to attend the memorial service for one of my children.
 Daryl goes the distance and then some.  He has always, always had our backs.

Sincerely yours,
Denyce C.


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